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Dream Chaser Series


There’s never been a more exciting time to be a trail running fan.

Athletes are training smarter, competition is increasing, course records are falling, and live coverage is delivering the experience everywhere. There’s also never been a more interesting time to be a trail running fan. Sponsorships are evolving the sport, media is revolutionizing the way fans participate, new series are forming, and more professionals are going full time.

That's why Singletrack is here.

Singletrack covers the professional trail and ultrarunning scene, featuring race previews and commentary, interviews with people shaping the sport, and conversations about the growth of the ultrarunning business. rabbit is proud to be a presenting sponsor of Singletrack Podcast this year, supporting the coverage of our sport’s most exciting races, professional athletes, and wonderful stories that inspire us to run free.

Listen to Singletrack Podcast wherever you download your favorite podcasts, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, YouTube, and more.
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Meet Our Trail Pro Athletes

The rabbitPRO team is a huge part of this work, providing us with the opportunity to partner with some of the very best runners in the nation as they pursue their dreams. In turn, our PROs not only represent rabbit at the highest levels of competition, they also provide us with the knowledge and expertise we need to fulfill the rest of our mission—making the best running apparel on Earth.