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rabbit chatter

rabbit food: savory granola

September 30, 2016

F U E L E D F R I D A Y this week is brought to you by our own Michelle Battista. Michelle is a dedicated 'foodie', Creative Contributor to rabbit, Creator of Small Suppers, Owner of Stockpot Collective, 1/2 Owner of Ned Ludd  &  Elder Hall  in Portland, Oregon. Savory Granola I love granola. All kinds. Especially the ones with lots of nuts and seeds. And if you are like me at lunch time everything in the fridge goes into a bowl or a pan and gets heated and dressed up with aioli or hummus or whatever I have lying around. Then I figured out that granola can be savory and my bowls instantly achieved a whole other level. Savory granola adds so much flavor to to salads,...

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