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We partner with some of the very best runners in the nation as they pursue their dreams.

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Exceptional people maintaining elite levels of training along with the demands of everyday life.

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Just like our ELITE team but their sweet spot is on the trails.

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These are our Runners and Dreamers, a diverse group of athletes who share a love of running, just like us.

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We support running clubs across the country with gear, knowledge, training tips, and support as they train and race.

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The Journal

Profiles, essays, and articles from our community. Read stories about our rabbitPROs, ELITES, and RADrabbits.

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Dream Chaser Series

Monthly stories highlighting individuals who dream on their own terms.

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Photo essays that tell the story behind every collection.

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Runners are dreamers by nature, chasing both finish lines and intangible rewards. At rabbit, our company name speaks to an even greater dream: to set the pace in the sport of running. As we invite more people to run with us, we must consciously and continuously assess our social and environmental impact. Whether passionately giving back to our community or deepening our commitments to sustainability, we pledge to better this planet and the humans who run on it.

Inclusivity and empowerment are the heart of what we do. As a women-founded company in a sport traditionally dominated by men, we have supported women and mothers both in the workplace and in running since the beginning. Along with caring for our own employees, we are committed to uplifting underrepresented groups in the run community and giving back where we can. rabbit is proud to partner with programs and organizations that offer this opportunity.

Supporting Parent Athletes

When we partner with runners, from RADrabbits to rabbitPROs, we encourage their dreams within and beyond the sport. With two mother runners at our helm, rabbit unequivocally values parenthood and the right of athletes to pursue it. We have supported our athletes’ pregnancy, postpartum recovery, and parental leave from the start, but upon joining with &Mother in 2020, we proudly made it official by including specific language in our contracts to protect these rights. Changing the way the sports industry values and supports motherhood and athlete parents is a key piece of the puzzle for gender equity in sports.

Run It Forward Challenge | rabbit x Soles4Souls

In both 2022 and 2023, we were thrilled to host our inaugural Run It Forward Challenge in honor of Giving Tuesday. For every cumulative 10 miles run by participants during the challenge, we donated a new article of rabbit apparel to Soles4Souls, an incredible non-profit dedicated to providing relief to underprivileged communities. Ultimately, we were able to donate over 600 articles of clothing to their 4Relief program. We look forward to increasing our impact with each future challenge.

Bras for Girls

Girls deserve equal access to sports, but the lack of a sports bra frequently stands in their way. Bras for Girls works to remove this barrier by distributing high quality sports bras, along with breast development booklets, to girls in need between the ages of 8-18. Since beginning our relationship in February 2023, we have donated 539 new rabbit sports bras to the non-profit. We wholeheartedly agree that girls plus sports plus education equals a beautiful world.

Rising Hearts & Kokom Scrunchies

Through collaborations on limited edition apparel, we have previously partnered with Rising Hearts to directly benefit their Running on Native Lands Initiative and with Kokom Scrunchies to benefit the small business. The Running on Native Lands Initiative seeks to make land acknowledgements a common race practice and encourages partners to go the extra mile by giving back to the indigenous communities from whom the land is borrowed. Kokom Scrunchies sells the colorful designs of its founder, an inspiring 12-year old Algonquin girl. When we honor Native cultures and runners, we help make the running community more accessible, supportive, inclusive, and visible for all.

Our gratitude for Earth runs deep, and we pledge to protect her. At rabbit, we acknowledge our role in the global apparel industry and its harmful environmental impact. We are committed year-round to doing our part to reduce this footprint, through sustainable fabric choices, recyclable packaging, carbon removal, and more. We must respect our planet so every generation can run free.


All of our suppliers must adhere to the rabbit code of conduct centered on respect, fairness, safety, and sustainability. These four pillars help create a safe working environment, free from inequality, that’s both in line with our brand ethics and parallels widely accepted global workplace standards. 

rabbit exclusively works with Bluesign certified suppliers and manufacturers. At every step in the supply chain, from chemical formulation to finished product, the bluesign® SYSTEM guarantees hazardous chemicals are kept out of the process.

Right now, 55% of our product line uses environmentally-friendly fabrics, but we believe we can do even better. Our goal is to reach 75% by the end of 2025. Some of the sustainable materials and processes already incorporated into our products include: recycled polyester, ice-cafe nylon partially created from recycled coffee grounds, Tencel derived from wood pulp, anti-odor treatment with sustainably-sourced peppermint oil, and PFC-free Durable Water Repellant finishes.


We are proud to have achieved our goal of introducing sustainably-sourced packaging this past year. Both our mailers and shoe boxes are made from 100% post-consumer material and entirely recyclable. (But if you need to return or exchange your shoes, did you know you can use the box itself to ship them back?). These post-consumer recycled materials meet GRS 4.0 certifications which ensure accurate content claims, good working conditions, and minimal environmental impact. 

Carbon Neutral Shipping

Shipping out our products produces carbon emissions. If we are to protect the critical health of our environment, though, we must drastically reduce our carbon imprint. Through our ecommerce platform Shopify, we are working to neutralize the majority of our impact via carbon removal.

Our subscription to thePlanet app’s Century Plansupports companies within Shopify’s Sustainability Fund that capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it. These companiesutilize nature-based carbon removal and other innovative solutions like reforestation, soil sequestration, and direct air capture.

Since May 2022, rabbit has funded the removal of over 22,000kg of shipping emissions, equivalent to over 55,000 miles driven by car.



Reusable Packaging

We at rabbit believe that the world needs better solutions to single-use packaging. That's why we now offer an alternative. It's called RePack - reusable and returnable delivery packaging.

RePack simply reduces packaging trash and saves up to 80% of CO2 emissions compared to single-use packaging.
Add a Repack to your order for $3.50 and receive your goods in a reusable, environmentally friendly packaging.

RePack is currently only available for USA based orders and shipments. Also note that orders containing hats are not eligible to be shipped in RePacks.