amanda basham


Favorite quote: Relentless Forward Progress


100k - 10:17:38

50 mile - 8:02:38

100 mile - 19:17:59

Fun facts: I have 3 dogs - 2 Pomeranians and 1 heeler

Nickname:  Smash’em Basham

Birthday:  11/19/1989

Favorite movie: Billy Madison

Proudest accomplishment: Running - 2019 CCC 100k, life - Taking the chance to move colorado (the first time) to see where running could take me. Best decision ever. 

Goals for 2020: Lavaredo 100k - win, OCC - podium, Run Rabbit Run 100 - podium, bring the Addict II Athlete program to Colorado

Favorite rabbit gear and why - racy tank - it’s so cute, flattering, soft and breezy. Training Shorts - mountain climbers 2.0 - so comfy with tons of pockets/storage. Perfect for carrying a phone, gels and keys. Sports bra - ultiliBRA-vo - comfy, cute, supportive and has a phone pocket on the back.

Social media:

IG:  @amanda_basham

FB:  Amanda Basham