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We partner with some of the very best runners in the nation as they pursue their dreams.

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Exceptional people maintaining elite levels of training along with the demands of everyday life.

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Just like our ELITE team but their sweet spot is on the trails.

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These are our Runners and Dreamers, a diverse group of athletes who share a love of running, just like us.

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We support running clubs across the country with gear, knowledge, training tips, and support as they train and race.

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Profiles, essays, and articles from our community. Read stories about our rabbitPROs, ELITES, and RADrabbits.

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The rabbitPRO Team

An important part of the rabbit mission is to support and grow our beloved sport in every way possible. The rabbitPRO team is a huge part of this work, providing us with the opportunity to partner with some of the very best runners in the nation as they pursue their dreams of greatness. In turn, our PROs not only represent rabbit at the highest levels of competition, they also provide us with the knowledge and expertise we need to fulfill the rest of our mission—making the best running apparel on Earth.

Our rabbitPROs are all amazing individuals. Supremely talented athletes, many of them are also raising families and pursuing impressive careers in science, business and academia. Needless to say, they inspire us every day! Read their profiles below to learn more about the amazing team of rabbitPROs.

Adam Kimble

Fun Facts: I’ve been a participant on two television shows and won them both: The Price is Right and Discovery Channel’s The Wheel!

Favorite Race Distance(s): 100-milers!  But I love to run every distance and remind myself that they all hurt in different ways.

Proudest Accomplishment: Setting the Fastest Known Time on the Tahoe Rim Trail in 2020 and breaking Kilian Jornet’s 10-year-old record.

Goals for 2023-24: Win the Badwater 135 in 2024!

Favorite rabbit Gear: The Shredders for shorts because I carry my phone on most runs and love that I don’t need a belt, and EZ anything (SS, LS, Pullover, etc.) for tops because they are the softest and most comfortable running tops out there!

IG: @adamkimble818
Facebook: @AdamKimbleUltrarunner 

Amanda Basham

Fun Facts: Rad mom to two toddlers, natural redhead, and connoisseur of croissants.

Favorite Race Distance(s): 100k & 100 mile

Proudest Accomplishment: 2nd 2019 CCC 100k, Top 20 at 2023 UTMB at 16 months postpartum

Goals for 2023-24: 2023 was my entry back into the sport postpartum. I’m ready to crank it up and compete well with the big dogs in 2024! I’m hoping to earn my way into Western States.

Favorite rabbit Gear: Everything EZ! So soft and cozy. 

Goals for 2023-24: Still recovering from UTMB and thinking about what I want to do next! I'm currently registered for the 2024 Canyons 100k but I will definitely race something else before that.

IG: @amanda_basham
Facebook: Amanda Basham 

Tyler McCandless

Fun Facts: I was the kicker on my high school football team and my high school friends still call me by my nickname "kicker." I kicked as long as a 50 yard field goal in practice!

Favorite Race Distance(s): Whatever my next race is! I love racing everything from 5k to the marathon, and enjoy racing uphill trail races too.

Proudest Accomplishment: Qualifying for 4 straight Olympic Marathon trials

Goals for 2023-24: Top 10 finishes at the NYC Marathon and Olympic Marathon Trials

Favorite rabbit Gear: I love the Speedeez half tights and I pretty much live 24/7 in EZ Tees

IG: @TrackTy

Justin Grunewald

Fun Facts: Board member and co-founder for Brave Like Gabe Foundation, full-time MD and Raddad

Favorite Race Distance(s): Hoping for to make it the 100m soon

Proudest Accomplishment: Juggling running, working and parenting and still enjoying all of them while finding success.

Goals for 2023-24: Qualify for Western States 100

Favorite rabbit Gear: Perf tees because they are perfect for all temps; Speedsters because they keep a nagging hamstring injury feeling good; Performance undies because why not still be comfortable after the workout.

IG: @Justin_grunewald

Sandi Nypaver

Fun Facts: My first trail/ultra race ever was 100 miles. (As a running coach, I wouldn't recommend this!). I found ultra/trail running in college through a series of interesting events that led to me doing a 10-day trek across Akshayuk Pass (Baffin Island) as a youth ambassador for the non-profit Impossible2Possible. - I believe in never passing up a carousel ride.

Favorite Race Distance(s): For an ultra runner, I actually have a blast using trail half marathons as tune-up races. Both the 50k and 50-mile distances have been good adventures in recent years, though I'm open to that changing in 2024.

Proudest Accomplishment: While I could list a race here, it doesn't quite feel right to me. I've faced quite a few learning opportunities in my running journey and I'm really proud of myself for growing through them. I'm so glad I see racing and myself as an athlete so differently than I did 10+ years ago. Running has never been more enjoyable to me than it is now.

Goals for 2023-24: The San Juan mountains have a special place in my heart, so I'm hoping to get a Hardrock Qualifier. Still deciding on some other goals. I also really enjoy exploring Colorado through summiting 14ers and have done ~40+, so my non-racing goals include doing the class 3 14ers I haven't done yet. Another goal I always have is to enjoy the journey as much as possible.

Favorite rabbit Gear: I'm often in the Steady State tank and Crop Hop in the warmer months, while also rotating through the Fuel n' Fly, Speed Leggy, and Summit Chasers. As the temps cool down, I'm loving the new EZ Pullover and EZ Joggers.

IG: @SandiNypaver

Kris Brown

Fun Facts: Speaks Nepali

Favorite Race Distance(s): 50k

Proudest Accomplishment: 10th place at Western States

Goals for 2023-24: Continue to travel and race in beautiful places

Favorite rabbit Gear: Shredders, because the 360 degree pocket is amazing!

Social Media: IG/Facebook: @krisbobbrown

Eric Senseman

Fun Facts: I once ran for Flagstaff City Council and lost.

Favorite Race Distance(s): 50 miles. 

Proudest Accomplishment: 2017 JFK 50 Mile Champion

Goals for 2023-24: Run 100 miles that I can be proud of.

Favorite rabbit Gear: Shredders. The shorts that do it all: Tons of storage and light materials for a 5k jog or a 100-mile race.

IG: @ericsenseman



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RePack is currently only available for USA based orders and shipments. Also note that orders containing hats are not eligible to be shipped in RePacks.