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sabrina little

Favorite quote:  "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act but a habit." - Aristotle


100-Mile: 14 hours, 57 minutes

24-Hour: 152.03 miles

50-Mile:  7 hours, 6 minutes

Fun facts:

- 2nd Fastest 200K in American History

- 4th Fastest Trail 100-Miler in American History

- 3-time U.S. Champion, World Silver Medalist

- I was a yodeler as a child

- I play the violin and viola

- I can run further than a football field on one breath

Nickname:  Bean. 

Birthday:  July 12, 1986

Favorite movie:  "Paulie".  It's a kids movie about a parrot, and I've seen it way too many times...

Proudest accomplishment:  I coach a middle school and high school track team, and any time my runners have break-through races, my heart melts. It's more fun to watch them grow in the sport than it is to improve myself (though I will take a PR any day, too!).

Goals for 2017:  Qualify for a U.S. team, run a fast road marathon, meet lots of people, run with courage.

Favorite rabbit gear and why:  I love the tee-Amo t-shirts and the Legs shorts. They're super light-weight and pass the Texas heat test. I feel fast when I wear them.

Social media:

Instagram: @mrs.little_engine_that_could

Facebook: Sabrina Little

Strava: Sabrina Little

Twitter: @beaninsneakers