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brittni hutton

Favorite quote: "The Real Purpose of Running isn't to Win a Race.. It is to test the Limits of the Human Heart." - Bill Bowerman


Road Mile: 4:57 (2015)

1500m: 4:33.16 (2016)

3000m: 9:25

5000m Track: 16:25 (2015)

5000m Road: 16:10 (2015)

10000m Track: 34:01 (2015)

10000m Road: 34:28 (2015)

15000m: 54:47 (2015)
Fun facts:
- Sang the National Anthem in front of a few thousand people when I was 9 years old at a Lansing Lug-Nuts Baseball Game
- Was my High School Mascot for a few of my High School Football Games
- Absolutely love cheese and wine​

Nickname:  My family calls me Bird or Birdie (Oddly enough, Brandon and I have the same Nickname, but his makes more sense.) Some of my friends in high school called me B-Hut or Hut. 

Birthday:  September 20th

Favorite movie:  "A Good Year" directed by: Ridley Scott and "Running Brave" directed by: Donald Shebib

Proudest accomplishment: I am very proud of everything that I have accomplished to this day. I know that sounds very general, but this is the truth. Each day is a gift and I always try to make every day count.

Goals for 2017: Get fit, have some fun, celebrate 2017 with a bang!

Favorite rabbit gear and why:  TBD

Social media:

Instagram: @brittni_anne89

Facebook: Brittni Hutton

Strava: Brittni Hutton 

Twitter: @BrittniHutton

Pinterest: Brittni Hutton

Snapchat: baisrunning