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brandon birdsong


Favorite quote: "Treat others how you want to be treated" and "The question isn't who is going to let me; it's who is going to stop me"


Mile: 4:09

5000m Track: 14:09

15000m: 45:03

10 Mile: 48:17

Half Marathon: 1:04:21

Fun facts:
- Wrestling City Champion (Freshman),
- Corn Dog enthusiast
- Self-proclaimed professional cereal maker
- Got engaged at the Olympic Trials (Runner's World Article)
- Musician; and
- Sometimes I pretend to be a cyclist

Nickname:  Birdie

Birthday:  March 9th

Favorite movie:  "Cool Runnings"

Proudest accomplishment: Leading Adams State to a National Cross Country Title 2010 (Birdsong Leads Grizzlies to Third Straight National Championship and Birdsong Steps Up, Leads ASU to Title)

Goals for 2017: Stay healthy, run a sub 2:15 marathon, run a sub 1:03:30 half, have a successful track season, finish my MBA, be a positive role model in the community, have fun, and be a great brand ambassador for my sponsors!

Favorite rabbit gear and why:  “daisy dukes” – Suns out, thighs out! / “speed sleeves” - Keeps me on my toes, even in the coolest conditions. Oh, the material is incredible too!

Social media:

Instagram: @b_birdsong

Facebook: Brandon Birdsong

Strava: Brandon Birdsong

Twitter: @RunBirdsongRun