Injuries Happen

October 26, 2016

Injuries Happen

Being a runner means facing injury. It’s not a question of if, but rather, a question of when and how severe.  It’s the reality that we face as runners.  And guess what, it’s ok.   You will recover, even if that feels impossible.

It’s also important to remember that injury happens to all runners of all abilities and levels, from the weekend warrior to the seasoned professional. In fact, several of our RADrabbitPRO runners are currently injured.  But, we know they will be back as soon as possible (if not sooner). 

If you are currently dealing with an injury and feel frustrated and upset, we don’t want you to feel alone. Don’t forget why you run, why you love it, and how good it can feel.


Also, we want to share with you a blog written by one of our RADrabbitPROs Sabrina Little, who just developed a navicular fracture while training for the 50 Mile World Championships in Portugal, which she was going to race as a member of Team USA.

As upsetting and unfortunate as the timing of Sabrina's injury is, it’s also a good time to reflect, as she mentions in her blog. And, it’s also a great time to rejoice on how talented and accomplished she is.  We hope you read this amazing Runner’s World article on Sabrina to find out a little more about her amazing accomplishments so you can appreciate just how truly talented she is.

So, rabbits, if you are injured and feeling upset and frustrated, please know that you are not alone. Injuries happen to the best runners out there.  But, more importantly, recoveries happen too. We can learn a lot about ourselves during this time of injury and recovery.  And, we CAN come back faster and stronger than ever.

Happy training.  And if you are injured, happy cross training!

- the rabbit crew

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