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 As any kid can tell you, a rabbit is a furry, friendly animal. (They are mammals in the Leporidae family, if you want to get technical about it.) Rabbits are well known and loved for their prominent ears and strong back legs, which account for their uniquely hoppy form of locomotion. Rabbits have long been celebrated in myths and legends, which often portray them as clever tricksters, like Br’er Rabbit or Bugs Bunny. We love rabbits for their fun, playful spirit and for their sleek profile, which inspired our logo.

In running, of course, rabbit has another meaning. A rabbit is a pacesetter for the other runners in a race, someone who sacrifices their own performance for the good of the group. Rabbits make racing faster and more interesting by keeping the pace honest up front. Rabbits have contributed to countless records at every level of the sport, providing the spark that has ignited many of the most memorable performances in running history. Rabbits don’t get much of the glory, quietly stepping off the track before the race even finishes, but they do it because they love running.

Last but not least, rabbit is also the name of our running apparel company. Our name is a nod to the spirit of both creatures mentioned above, our small way of honoring the inspiration they provide us. We think of everyone who wears and loves our products as rabbits too, and the incredible individuals who make up this amazing community are a huge part of what propels us forward every day. That and our enormous rear legs, of course.

P.S. While we’re on the topic, the name of our company is rabbit. Just rabbit—small 'r' and no extra words, 'cause we’re cool like that.