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taylor nowlin

Favorite quote: “We shouldn’t live as if other worlds mattered more than this life in this world, because where we are is always the most important place.” -Philip Pullman, The Amber Spyglass


-Fastest Known Time, Grand Canyon R2R2R

-2nd, Lake Sonoma 50mi 2018

-2nd, Speedgoat 50k 2018

-2017 US Skyrunning Champion

-2nd, Run the Rut 28k 2017

Fun facts:

One time in college, I won lift tickets to Mt. Bachelor in a push-up contest that a friend volunteered my for…I couldn’t lift my arms the next day.

Nickname: TayMae or Toots

Birthday: January 29th, 1991

Favorite movie: Anything by Wes Anderson, it’s a tie between Isle of Dogs and The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Proudest accomplishment: Breaking the Rim to Rim to Rim FKT in the Grand Canyon in 2018.

Goals for 2019: I definitely plan on strength training more consistently this season. I’m also hoping to fit in some big gravel races around my ultra schedule - I have my sights set on Dirty Kanza!

Favorite rabbit gear and why: I probably wear my sweetie tank every other day, it’s the perfect cut!

Social media:

Instagram: @_taymae  

Twitter: @_taymae_

Strava: Taylor Nowlin

Facebook: Taylor Nowlin