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We partner with some of the very best runners in the nation as they pursue their dreams.

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Exceptional people maintaining elite levels of training along with the demands of everyday life.

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Just like our ELITE team but their sweet spot is on the trails.

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These are our Runners and Dreamers, a diverse group of athletes who share a love of running, just like us.

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We support running clubs across the country with gear, knowledge, training tips, and support as they train and race.

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The Journal

Profiles, essays, and articles from our community. Read stories about our rabbitPROs, ELITES, and RADrabbits.

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Dream Chaser Series

Monthly stories highlighting individuals who dream on their own terms.

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Photo essays that tell the story behind every collection.

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Our rabbitELITE team is made up of some of the fastest, most dedicated runners you’ll find anywhere – competing at an elite level all while balancing responsibilities of everyday life. We are truly honored to have you represent the brand, and part of representing rabbit includes posting on social media. Please review our social media brand guidelines below.

Social Media Expectations

  • Commit to upholding an inclusive, diverse, welcoming, and safe running community through all social media posts and online engagement
  • Publicly acknowledge that you are on the rabbitELITE Team (i.e. stating your affiliation in your bio, using the #rabbitelite hashtag, posting the logo)
  • Post a minimum of 2x per month about your running journey on Instagram/TikTok/Twitter (Use hashtags: #rabbitELITE, #runinrabbit, #borntorunfree)
  • Track and share your training on Strava and join the rabbitELITE, as well as the main rabbit group
  • Contribute regular content by sharing race reports, photos of you in rabbit gear, gear reviews, community event ideas, etc.
  • Join the rabbitELITE Facebook group to interact and encourage your teammates on a weekly basis
  • Not affiliate, post, or tag other running apparel brands (shoes, hats, socks, nutrition, and other running gear are acceptable)


When posting rabbitELITE related content, please use the hashtags: #rabbitELITE #runinrabbit, and #borntorunfree.If posting about your race results, use #rabbitresultsto ensure we can find your post.


Reusable Packaging

We at rabbit believe that the world needs better solutions to single-use packaging. That's why we now offer an alternative. It's called RePack - reusable and returnable delivery packaging.

RePack simply reduces packaging trash and saves up to 80% of CO2 emissions compared to single-use packaging.
Add a Repack to your order for $3.50 and receive your goods in a reusable, environmentally friendly packaging.

RePack is currently only available for USA based orders and shipments. Also note that orders containing hats are not eligible to be shipped in RePacks.