our rabbits


We love running, but we love runners even more, and we believe in contributing to the sport by supporting runners at every level.

Amateur runners don’t get much of the glory, but in our book they sure deserve a lot of credit. Lets face it, not all of us are going to be Olympic champions.  And that’s quite alright. Millions of people run simply because they love it. It may be the PROs who set the records, but the everyday runners are the people who really define the sport. Our RADrabbits (Runners And Dreamers) are amateur runners of every skill level who truly embody the spirit of running and who rabbit is so proud to help support.  

But, let’s be honest, most PROs don’t really get that much glory either. Running is a difficult, painful and often thankless sport, where injury or misfortune can ruin a season’s worth of training in an instant. But running is also beautiful; the simplest and most enduring test of the human spirit. Above all, running requires dedication, and the discipline that PROs exhibit inspires us all to be better runners and to continue to chase our dreams. We are extremely proud to support our RADrabbitPROs in their pursuit of success at the highest levels of our sport.