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Trials Time with Allison Cleaver


Next up on our Trials Time Q&A with our rabbitPROs is Allison Cleaver who heads into the Olympic Trials with a 2:36:15 PR. She's been logging many miles and many hours studying for the nursing boards (which she just passed!!) and we could not be more excited for her to toe the line in Atlanta next week! 

1.) What are you using to fuel up?


2) Favorite part of marathon training?

My favorite part is grinding out long miles with friends here in Austin. There's a decent size group currently training for the trials right now, its amazing! 

3.) Least favorite part of marathon training?

I'm not a huge fan of all the doubles. So, I try to hit all my runs in a single run.

4.) What is your goal going into the race?

Run tough and be competitive!

5.) What number marathon is this for you?

Number 4!

6.) What has been the hardest part of your build up?

December through January, I was studying for my nursing boards. The long miles in the morning followed by the long hours of studying throughout the day was so mentally draining for me. It was worth it though because I passed. :)

7.) Advice for someone giving marathoning a first try?

The road to marathon training is a rollercoaster. You'll have good weeks and bad weeks but that's okay because you're still putting in the work. All of those weeks will pay off! BE PATIENT!



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