rabbits run clean

In a race, the purpose of a rabbit is to work hard, setting a fast pace to help draw the best performances out of their fellow runners. When you get down to it, our mission as a company is not really that different. We work hard everyday to make apparel so good that it inspires people to run more, run harder, run faster.

On that topic of things that make people run faster, though, the conversation can get pretty complicated. From supplements to shoes to altitude tents, there are lots of things besides a rabbit that runners can use to improve their performance. Constant innovation in all of these areas means that the rules of the sport will sometimes lag behind current technology.

There are rules, though. Rules that all competitors agree to honor, setting the boundaries for which improvements are acceptable. Good people can disagree about what the rules should say, but it’s clear enough what they do say. It can all get pretty technical, but the spirit is so simple that any kid on any playground would surely understand—break the rules and you’re a cheater.

As runners, as humans, as people who work hard, we just have no tolerance for cheaters. They rob not only their competitors, but also themselves and the sport. Because we feel so passionately about this, rabbit is very proud to partner with the Clean Sport Collective, a community of athletes, brands, events, clubs and fans that work together to support clean sport. In addition to providing support for the Collective, rabbit requires that all athletes associated with the company—everyone from our PROs to RADrabbits—signs the Clean Sport pledge to train and compete clean. Won’t you join us? Make the pledge here.