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natasha labeaud anzures


Favorite quote:  “You have two choices in life—you can laugh, or you can cry. I would rather laugh.” – Marie Wilson (My granny)


1500m: 4:20

5000m: 15:44

10000m: 32:43

Half Marathon: 1:13:30

Marathon: 2:35:33
Fun facts:
- I started running at the age of 6 because I wanted to run the most laps in the schools jog-a-thon (boy or girl). I never stopped running after those recess training sessions.
- I compete at the National and International levels for Canada, but live and train in the lovely temperatures of San Diego, California.
- I can jump on a pogo stick for a ridiculous amount of time. Just ask my brother—I made him count my jumps when we were kids.
- I memorize one-line jokes as a hobby. If you are ever in need of a joke, just ask! Other hobbies include drawing and painting.

- I have almost finished with my Ph.D. in public health with an emphasis on childhood obesity (completing my dissertation now). Learning ways to address childhood obesity is a passion of mine.


Nickname:  tashy and tash  

Birthday:  August 5th

Favorite movie:  "A Beautiful Mind"

Proudest accomplishment:  One of my proudest accomplishments is cofounding the youth running non-profit organization, 2nd Recess, with my husband. This program teaches kids ages 4-13 about healthy habits through running, and we have been able to reach out to thousands of kids in San Diego with the goal of making a positive impact towards the fight against childhood obesity.

Goals for 2017:  My goals for 2017 are to achieve the IAAF World 10,000m standard to represent Canada in the World Championships.  In addition, I would like to better my marathon PR in the fall.

Favorite rabbit gear and why:  I am a big fan of the “booty short” cut, and really like the colors and styles of the rabbit legs.

Social media:

Instagram: @teamanzures

Facebook: Natasha LaBeaud Anzures

Twitter: @tashyrunner