The RAD Journals: Paula Dubovoy

November 13, 2020

The RAD Journals: Paula Dubovoy

Introducing our newest ongoing series, The RAD Journals

We are truly blessed to have so many amazing people within our rabbit family. Each and every one has an incredibly unique and fascinating story, and it’s about time we start sharing a few of them!

First off is Paula Dubovoy, a RADrabbit from Berkeley California. Paula talks through the trials and tribulations of her running journey. Give it a read below!


Races may be canceled… but running isn’t! I’ve been able to use the past few months as a time to redirect my priorities back to why I started running in the first place - because I love it! Races may have been what have motivated me in the past, but following a structured plan with different time trials each month has given me a sense of normalcy and routine, despite so many other changes that have occurred in my life.

I have been in the process of coming back (both mentally and physically) from a ruptured Achilles, and recently ran a mile time trial. I surprised myself with a 6:19, just 18 seconds off of my lifetime PR! I didn’t have very high expectations for myself going into it, but seeing what I was capable of lit a fire in me to continue to work hard. On the days I don’t “feel like it,” I remind myself what a gift it is to be physically able to workout because there was a time when I wasn’t able to. I don’t take a single run for granted anymore. Some days I want to. Some days I need to. And all the other days… I get to.

Learn more about Paula on her instagram @eat_lift_bemarried 

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