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Upward and Onward to 2017

Running has its ups and downs. Every runner knows this. Some workouts are better than others, some weeks are harder than others, and some years are more challenging that others. But, we don't quit when the times get tough. Rather, we reflect, we set new goals, and we get back to work.  Today's blog is written by RADrabbitPRO Anthony Solis  as he shares his plan to recover from a bumpy patch in the road.  Look out 2017, Anthony is coming for you.
Since the 2016 Olympic Marathon Trials I've been so hesitant to put any words down about my running.

Anthony Solis

Mainly because it's been a long, bumpy road back to feeling like myself out there. Also, because I was devastated that I collapsed and DNF'ed at what was the biggest race of my running career (you can read that depressing blog on my site ). As I put it off and the competition advances further into the past, I drag my writing more and more. So, finally, I give you a bullet style list before I give you my 2017 goals…

  • A day after the trials, my favorite artist Kanye West, released his newest album: The Life of Pablo. 
  • Signed with an agent, Neil Segel, of NES Elite (you can see my page here:
  • Slowly started to get back into running
  • Had a nagging injury, slowing my training and racing plans
  • Worked hard to get my confidence and swagger back
  • Raced/tempoed the 2016 Long Beach Half Marathon and finished 4th after leading the first half, and pulling off at 7 miles to use the restroom (positive step)
  • Decided to join a club in So Cal that had an elite team, Cal Coast Track Club
  • Joined Cal Coast TC at the USATF So Cal Champs XC race and used it as a tempo. Once again took 4th after leading most of the race, this time after twisting my ankle. 2016 racing was getting annoying, but at least I was back out there having fun running again.
  • And here's the most exciting part of 2016. At the end of November I signed with the most rad running company there is. rabbit! Signing with a company like rabbit, and having them truly believe in me is amazing. But more on that later. You can check out my page here:
  • Started running in the raddest running gear out there, rabbit of course ;)
  • Laced up for my final race of the year, the Holiday Half Marathon. This race ended like the last ones. Led for the first 8 miles, then my bad back started to act up, and faded and took 3rd. Better to end 2016 without making an injury worse, than winning a race. 

Anthony Solis
Well, hopefully that list wasn't too boring, but that's pretty much a quick summary of how my running went in 2016. To say it wasn't a rough year for me would be an understatement. Nonetheless, it was another year I got to grow, and learn from every low I had to go through. All I know is I'm so so so excited to be sponsored by rabbit. Jill and Monica have something special brewing with this company. I couldn't be more excited to be backed by I company that believes in me, and that I truly believe in.

Anthony Solis

With that being said, here's a quick list of 2017 goals:

  • 13:50 5,000m
  • Sub 28:50 10,000m
  • Sub 64 min half marathon
  • Top 10 finish at multiple US championships
  • Race a fall marathon, without dropping out, in 2:16 or better
  • Stay healthy 🙏🏼
  • And last but not least, look dang good in my rabbit gear ;) oh and you could get 20% off your order on by using the code ANTHONYISFAST

A lot of people don't like sharing their goals with everyone because they're scared they'll fail. But I don't mind putting some of my goals out there, because I'm confident I can achieve them. And if I don't? Oh well, it's life. You move on and keep after it.

So here's to achieving goals, and chasing dreams with the best support group behind me. With that being said thanks to my mom, brother, sister, nieces, rest of my family, my friends, my agent Neil Siegel, Jill & Monica and everyone over at rabbit, Jorge Jabaz with Cal Coast TC, Garden of Life Raw, Roll Recovery, Rudy Project, everyone who doesn't believe in me and everyone else who I accidentally forgot or who does believe in me. I love you all. Always remember, outside opinions are irrelevant.

Anthony Solis

P.S. you can follow me on my social media handles at:
Twitter - @LordAnthonyJ
Instagram - @lordanthonyjsolis

- Anthony Solis, RADrabbitPRO



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