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rabbitPRO Jimmy Elam reviews the Swish Pullover

The new rabbit Swish has quickly become one of my favorite pieces of gear. I feel that a detailed review would be appreciated by all the folks out there wondering how this unique piece really performs. After a few months of putting the Swish through the ringer, I have a load of thoughts I’m excited to share! To make things thorough yet simple I’ve divided the review into three parts. Style, fit/feel, and features. Each category holds a different level of importance for different people so by separating these categories you’ll know that this is the right top for you. Let’s get after it!

Style: Between the hooded full zip, vest and pullover, I opted for the pullover. The materials and fit are all the same but I like the lighter-weight and simplicity of the pullover. I’ve also been using rabbit’s headband this winter and I feel like I rarely use hoods. The first thing I noticed about the Swish pullover was its attractive matte blue finish. Not only does it look sleek but it’s super quiet. Much quieter than something like the Patagonia Houdini which I’ve used in the past. For the same price you get a similar looking top but the material looks and feels of higher quality. I also noticed there’s a slight sheer look, which is hard to notice just from photos on the site. The black elastic cuffs around the wrists and waist add a clean aesthetic that completes the look. 

Fit and Feel: The cut of the Swish looks and feels like a tailored fit, trim but not slim. You can easily fit a long sleeve base-layer under for the colder days. One of my biggest gripes with similar wind layers is a bunch of extra material around the arms and torso but this isn’t an issue with the Swish. I’ve used it comfortably like this down to 15deg and felt plenty warm during my snowy winter runs! The matte material is so soft to the touch, unlike many other wind tops which end up feeling like you’re wearing a plastic bag. 

Photo: Mike McMonagle

Features: Style and feel is nice and all, but I noticed that what really sets the Swish apart from similar tops is its remarkable breathibilty. If a layer keeps the elements out but doesn’t shed your body heat, then it’s not doing its job. The Swish sheds body heat and perspiration while also keeping you warm which isn’t an easy thing for a top to do. 

Another notable feature is how small the Swish packs down. The Swish is designed with its own stuff pouch so you can easily tuck it away in your pack or belt. On runs when I have a hard time deciding if I need the Swish or not, I’ll still bring it along because it takes up virtually no space and I’ll forget I even brought it along because it’s so lightweight! 

The last though not least important feature that stands out is how the Swish is manufactured with recycled coffee grounds. Your first thought might be that this is somewhat gimmicky. I also was skeptical until I did a bit more research on why this would be useful at all in my new running top. By weaving the recycled coffee micro grounds in the fibers of the Swish, it creates a natural odor-absorbing material! And the best thing is that since the grounds are actually woven and a permanent part of the clothing, the odor-absorbing properties won’t wash out! Given I’ve been able to do multiple runs before washing the Swish, I have to say I completely agree. 



Reusable Packaging

We at rabbit believe that the world needs better solutions to single-use packaging. That's why we now offer an alternative. It's called RePack - reusable and returnable delivery packaging.

RePack simply reduces packaging trash and saves up to 80% of CO2 emissions compared to single-use packaging.
Add a Repack to your order for $3.50 and receive your goods in a reusable, environmentally friendly packaging.

RePack is currently only available for USA based orders and shipments. Also note that orders containing hats are not eligible to be shipped in RePacks.