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Dream Chaser Series



As part of RUNDAY MOTIVATION, we are excited to share with you a motivational story about one of our RADrabbits, Alicia Eno.  Alicia just completed a huge challenge by achieving a BQ in all 50 states! She finished it up two weeks ago when she was also the overall female winner of the Hoover Dam Marathon in a time of 3:29:14 on a tough course.  Read about Alicia's journey in her words below:


I cannot remember the last time I did not wake up and run. It's been years. 4am. Rain snow wind. It drives me. 90 mile weeks with doubles 5 times a week. A wonderful consuming mind body zone. Part of me - my life - and my desire to push myself!!

I achieved one huge goal this year. I raced a certified BQ marathon in every state and DC.

(Editor's note: this means Alicia ran a Boston Marathon Qualifying time in at least one marathon in every state in the US, including DC.... INCREDIBLE).

I stumbled onto this goal late last year when I realized I only had to redo 6 states in 2016. I went back to race OR, NV, KY, MO, MI , and NY. I won 2 NV marathons and the Syracuse NY marathon. NY was a highlight for sure!

rabbit offering me the RADrabbit ambassador status has been very supportive of these races - pre and post. I am thrilled to be an RADrabbit ambassador since August of 2016 🐰 

On to new goals 2017:

1) sub 3:00 marathon; and

2) qualify for the 24hour long distance team for the US.

Also, to help me achieve these goals, I switched coaches 3 weeks ago. I am absolutely thrilled with Mckirdy training and Mike Crouch.  It's exactly what I need and what I was looking for - less races; quality workouts. A lot of hard work coming up for 2017! I am so overly ready.

- Alicia Eno, RADrabbit



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