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Introducing Lauren Jimison, RADrabbitPRO

We are so excited and honored to introduce the newest member of our RADrabbitPRO team, Lauren Jimison.  Because Lauren is engaged to our PRO Seth Totten, we have felt like Lauren was part of the rabbit family for a while, but now it's finally OFFICIAL.  Not only is Lauren unstoppable on the roads, as one of the top US female marathon runners, but she is also incredibly sweet and kind.  We wanted Lauren to introduce herself to you in her own words, so here it is:


There are rare moments where your dreams and deep joy meet. When that happens: stop everything. Wrap your mind and heart around the moment. Be in it.

Lauren Jimison

I could tell you all about why and when I started running, but it’s always been because I truly believe it’s who God has created me to be. I’m passionate about what I do. I’m all heart. Running has brought me my deepest relationships including my soon-to-be marriage and has also challenged me. I’ve learned the most about myself through some of my toughest workouts. I’ve also had some of life’s greatest moments on runs. I’m continually challenged to “be” in each run and workout, to be present. I love the challenge of being present.

Lauren Jimison

The same moment I had as I crossed the California International Marathon was one of those moments where your dreams and deep joy meet, but also similar to one I had on a run 3 months back. I set out to run an hour easy after a few weeks of feeling not-too-great, but instead, decided to run the full lake loop. Deep in thought and prayer, completing my favorite 12 mile loop ending up being a refreshing start to a new season.

Lauren Jimison

The same moment I had as I crossed the California International Marathon was the same moment as I had when I sat down with Jill and Monica to talk about rabbit--like it had been months and months coming, or, for me, years. The deepest part of me has really wanted to represent a company that really knows me. I feel honored to represent a company that my heart is also invested in.

Lauren Jimison

On the lake loop run months ago, God spoke to me so clearly. I’m not superhuman, capable of doing all things well at the same time. But, I’m all heart. And, when I give something all my heart, in the best sense, I can surpass and reach my goals, my dreams, my passions. So, on that lake loop, I decided instead of calling my marathon build up, I would conquer it. I would give it my heart. That lake loop, as it has been all my life, a run that God used to speak to me on who He has created me to be.

I stood on the line at CIM with a full heart.

As my legs wore, my heart grew stronger and more full. And, when I crossed the line, I realized: these moments you don’t get back. I’m still embracing the moment and this season. My dreams and deep joy met at that finish line.

Lauren Jimison

And, they continue to meet the more I invest in each season God has called me to and the more I practice being present in my running, in my relationships, in life. CIM was a victory for me. I finally raced my hometown marathon, took my first podium at a marathon and knocked 78 seconds off my previous marathon PR, running 2:33.20. More than that, feeling love from family and friends on the course was truly special.

 Lauren Jimison

This season also included my engagement to Seth Totten, my fiance, who is also a RADRabbitPRO. We get married on February 19, 2017. So, it’s only fitting that I become a rabbit too. We’re thrilled to represent a company we strongly stand behind!

Lauren Jimison

And, a quote from my favorite Poet, Mary Oliver: “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

- Lauren Jimison, RADrabbitPRO



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