rabbit elite marathoner bunny hop x sarah marie design studio

Women unite.  

What happens when strong creative women, who all love to run and love everything about running, collaborate? What happens, you ask? BOOM. This is what happens.  rabbit is proud to announce that it has partnered with Sarah Marie Design Studio to create a Limited Edition (yes that's right, a one-of-a-kind, super special, you must get your hands on it NOW if you want it) tank!

We are proud to offer her women's elite marathoner design on our bunny hop racerback tank. Order yours today.  If you don't order one now, don't be upset when we sell out of these bad boys!  

The bunny hop is a racerback tank like nothing you have ever seen before. The cut is identical to our race-her-back tank, but the fabric on the bunny hop is made with rabbitMESH. rabbitMESH is a perforated tight-mesh fabric that evokes the spirit of our patronus: the rabbit. This rabbit-perforated mesh is lightweight, breathable, cling free, sag resistant, and scratch and chafe-free.

- rabbitMESH is made of 92% poly/ 8% spandex
- Super lightweight & quick drying
- Slim-fit but not tight
- Racerback cut
- Machine wash cold, tumble dry low, don't bleach, mmkay?
- Crafted in California

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