leading lady


$ 99.00 USD $ 140.00 USD

Slip on the leading lady and you’ll feel in charge. Made from Polartec® Power Stretch®-This is the body-hugging fabric that is changing the outerwear market due to its durable flat outer surface and soft napped velour inner surface which makes it ideal for activities that demand freedom of movement, moisture management, and warmth. With its luxurious fabrication and fastidious construction, the Leading Lady says that you know what you’re doing. Engineered for serious running in seriously cold temperatures, the Leading Lady women's jacket leads the way in performance and comfort.

- Made from Polartec® Power Stretch® - 54% nylon/17% polyester/29% spandex
- Back venting is rabbitMESH made of 95% polyester/ 5% spandex
- Reflective zipper detailing
- Thumbhole slits
- Two front reflective zipper pockets
- Machine wash cold, tumble dry low, don't bleach, mmkay?
- Crafted in California