why we're different



A few years back, we got tired. Tired of shirts that were so long we felt like we were running in a dress, shorts that were so complicated we needed an instruction manual to get them on, and gear that just wasn't made for running, like see-through yoga leggings. Why were we so willing to make concessions on our gear? We set out to change how we run by building the products we actually want to run IN. We believe there’s a way to make running apparel for everyone that’s light on hype, while still delivering serious function, style, and simplicity. So we created rabbit, a performance running apparel brand that was born to let you run free. 

We are damn proud to say that all of our products are manufactured in Los Angeles, CA. We believe in domestic manufacturing and keeping jobs in the good ‘ol USA.


As owners of the only running shop in Santa Barbara, CA we are also setting out to breathe new life into the running apparel category at running specialty stores. These businesses, started by local people dedicated to the runners that they serve, are the anchors of the running community in each town. We want to help these running shops, their employees, their customers, and the future of running.

Fit and performance guided our first collection for rabbit. rabbit endures dirt, mud, rain, scree, mondo sprints, pavement, sandy beaches, and the repeated rigors of the washing machine. We’re proud to say each of our pieces is cling free, sag resistant, and scratch and chafe-free. Trust us because, well, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We are runners. We are blistered, we are chafed, we are sore, but we never give up. We know that now is the time for a running apparel brand that is 100% focused on the act of running— clothes that move with you, hold up to the rigors of the sport, and make you feel and look good. We’ll be the first to admit our clothes may not make you faster, run farther, or win you medals… but we will be with you when you cross the finish line, sweaty, exhausted, and victorious.

Finally, a running apparel brand with everything you need and nothing you don’t. We’re taking a firm stance against hype and fuss. Ready?

Let’s run.