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sarah pease


Favorite quote:  "Be at your best when it matters the most" - Coach Helmer


3000m Steeplechase: 9:40

10000m: 33:02

Half Marathon: 1:13:43

Marathon: 2:41:45
Fun facts:
- I'm a huge IU (Indiana University) basketball fan and I recently got engaged at Assembly Hall (where they play). It was awesome!
- I was also part of a trivia winning team at the Tap in Bloomington.

Nickname:  Peasey 

Birthdate: November 9

Favorite movie:  "Hoosiers"

Proudest accomplishment:  The first time I became an All-American in 2009. I placed 7th overall and PR'd, broke the school record, and qualified for my first USA championship in the preliminary round. It was the first time I thought I might be alright at this sport.

Goals for 2017:  Run the World A standard in the 10,000 and place top 10 at the USA championships, place top 10 at the USA Marathon championships

Favorite rabbit gear and why:  TBD

Social media:

Instagram:  @speasey87

Facebook: Sarah Pease

Twitter: @spease31