Sarah J

Sarah J
RN, hospital
Bellevue, WA

Things are different now for Sarah, a hospital based RN in Bellevue, WA.  “Working in this current era means my patients don’t see my smile behind my mask. We are grateful to have PPE (SO GRATEFUL!) but that means we don’t connect in the same way. It’s hot, and it’s hard, and it’s frustrating. But the alternative is putting our patients and our families at risk.”

She is glad to be able to help her patients in their time of need and appreciates the love shown to healthcare workers and is “so incredibly grateful for the sacrifices made, for the encouragement, the cards, the meals, the tools we are given. We truly could not do this without you!” There is a lot to do and take in during this time and she needs a way to blow off some steam. “Prior to this I had come out of a long pause in my running, lacking motivation and vision. Now it is my respite, even if for just 15 minutes. Simplicity & comfort.” 

She was happy to receive her new EZ tee and said it is clearly the first of many for her. “Soooo soft and lovely.” We asked Sarah what she is looking forward to once things settle down. “TRAILS. Also, trails. But then trails. In all seriousness, the gift of public lands being safely used again. I have camping reservations for the 4th of July... maybe that’s just a dream, but it’s a good one.”