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rabbit running Gift Guide - Women's Essential Apparel

rabbit Women's Running Gift Guide Shorts and Tops

Unwrapping new rabbit running clothes will put a smile on any runner’s face!

All of our apparel is made of super lightweight, moisture-wicking materials that keep runners comfortable throughout their runs. Our shorts and capris allow legs to move while staying put with soft supportive waistbands and liners and pocket placements that don’t let your items bounce around. Our tops are tailored to let your body move without excess fabric bouncing around impeding arm movement or causing chaffing. Our accessories are sure to round out a runner’s collection making their runs that much more delightful. Whatever your favorite runner's preferences, we have the perfect gifts to bring cheer to their running this holiday season and beyond!

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Shorts and capris

catch me if you can running shorts black

  • Our best selling shorts are catch me if you can. Their shorter length allows for maximum mobility, which is ideal for a variety of speeds and distances.
  • For those that want a little more coverage we have the hopper. These shorts designed for short to medium runs at an easy to moderate pace and won’t be too revealing if worn to a gym or around town.
  • For the most coverage we carry the runaway. These shorts are great for easy running as well as worn throughout the day during other exercise and tasks.
  • When it's not a shorts day, our capreeze are perfect do-anything leggings. They hug your waist and thighs 



Women's split tee running shirt

  • straptastic and bunny hop are our best selling tanks. Both tanks are designed to fit snug but not tight, with the straptastic featuring soft elastic straps for a stretchy and breezy fit while the bunny hop has a smooth racerback design to fit your runs at any pace. They are ready for the weather to turn warmer or those treadmill runs that keep us going.
  • ez tee is our staple slim but not tight fitting tee shirt and it comes in a variety of colors and styles. We also have the split tee brings for some color-blocked style. All of these tee’s are among the most comfortable that money can buy.
  • When weather turns cooler, super sleevie will keep runners warm without slowing them down. On the coldest days, these work great layered under jackets and vests, as they feel amazing next to skin while they wick sweat away.



rabbit running water bottle

  • miss millers are perfect arm warmers to keep arms and hands warm while letting armpits breath and keeping fingers free. As both body temperatures and weather changes mid run they are easier to take off and stash than long sleeve shirts.
  • The RAD-dana is a friend to any head as it saves your eyes from sweat and hair and adjusts with ease.
  • rabbit bottles will help keep you hydrated all day and on the run and are compatible with many packs and belts. Most importantly they have our awesome logo to remind you and your friends to be fun and fast!

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