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rabbit running Gift Guide - Women's Cold Weather Apparel

Winter—it’s cold outside, the wind bites, while rain and snow falling from the sky leave the world damp. Needless to say, the outdoors in winter is not particularly inviting to most, but training must go on. What is a dedicated runner to do? Well, once they’ve opened up gifts from our cold weather running collection, they'll have a great chance at fighting the winter weather and getting their runs in.

Finding the right outfit for running in inclement weather presents a challenge. The more energy the body burns, the more heat and sweat it produces, while the cold atmosphere cools anything it comes in contact with. Layering is the key to a comfortable and versatile outfit! Permeable layers next to a runner’s skin are necessary to wick moisture away from the body, mid layers should be light, airy fabric that captures warmth, and outer layers should be smooth in texture to cut through wind, rain, and snow. 

As the body heats up through the run, or as the weather changes, layers can be unzipped or removed to prevent overheating. The most important part of the body to cover in the cold is the core. Uncovered legs, heads, and hands leak heat as well so tights, headgear, and gloves are important for winter running when the temperature really cools down.

Wicking and mid layers

women's running mid layer half zip

  • slim sleeves are rabbit’s winter long-sleeve tees. Made with Polartec® Delta™ fabric (a thin, oh-so-soft fleece), they are perfect for cool running days or worn as the first layer for colder weather.
  • As the temperature gets worse, zip and zoom is ideal. Made with Polartec® Thermal Pro fabric (a thicker warm yet light fleece), this top is great for running when the weather is cold and crisp, layered under a shell when rain or snow is falling, or worn on cool days when traveling to and from a runs.

Outer layers

women's running jacket and tights

  • zesty vesty is the perfect extra layer to keep your core warm and protected from the elements. If the run gets warm this vest is easily folded into its own pocket and stashed in a pocket.
  • breezy back is designed to be the perfect lightweight shell jacket. As it’s name indicates, it’s meant to keep the elements out. It’s perfect over a tee shirt for cool runs or as the top layer over long sleeves on colder days. This jacket includes handy details like an adjustable hood and easy pack-ability.
  • When the weather gets to be the worst, the leading lady jacket is best. Made from Polartec® Power Stretch fabric, this jacket manages warmth in nasty weather while still being flexible enough for the range of motion necessary for running at a variety of paces. This jacket has pockets to stash stuff in accessibly and cuffs that fold over to shield hands while running.

Tights and pants

Women's Running Tights

  • For running longer distances or at faster paces in the cold, there is really no replacement for running tights. mighty tights are the perfect tights from rabbit, with stretchy warm fabric and mesh panels behind the knees, these won’t restrict movement while keeping legs are warm enough to do what they need to do. For extra storage, utilitightsare also a favorite.
  • For light running and before and after running there are the smarter pants.These are so warm and soft!
  • For cool but not quite cold weather, the capreeze are a perfect complement to a runner’s closet. For extra pockets, the utilicapreezehave room to stash some necessary things for the run.


rabbit running beanie

  • 40% of heat escaping from your head is a myth, but the real number of around 10% is still significant. Covering heads and ears will keep runner’s brain containers warm to focus on the miles ahead. Our performance beanies and headbands by BOCO® are ideal.
  • Buff® multifunctional headwear is a favorite among runners. With multiple ways to wear this headband/face guard/neck guard can protect runners in many seasons. Our all-over rabbit print makes them extra stylish.
  • miss miller’s arm sleeves are another treat for battling cool weather. They protect arms and hands while easily being stashed on the go as the body heats up.

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