Megan VanCamp

Megan VanCamp
Surgical Technician
Neenah, WI


Working in surgery and trauma, Megan’s work as a surgical technician through Covid19 meant that they had to continue to perform operations while taking full precautions including wearing an N95 mask with a second mask over it so that the N95 could be reused. “Now that we have testing available at our hospital we are adding on the surgeries that were canceled, meaning we will be working 12 hour shifts every day to be able to ‘catch up.’ Between the stress of working during these uncertain times and extended hours, it can be very exhausting.”

Megan was nominated by a co-worker who says that “Megan has shown a willingness to keep showing up, to keep smiling, to keep things light hearted in the face of adversity and uncertainty. She helps me maintain a positive attitude and be able to smile on the tough days. It has been crucial to have a friend and fellow runner as a co-worker who can lift me up when I feel overwhelmed. Who can empathize with me & that we can share our love of running to get through this tough time together.”

Megan is glad to keep running, though her mileage has decreased. “During the week I don't always get a chance to run due to long days at the hospital but I'm thankful that I have most of my weekends to be able to get out and run. I'm looking forward to running with friends again, and celebrating with those friends at races. As well as seeing my family again, I've been keeping my distance from them in order to keep them safe and healthy.”

“I just want to thank you for thinking of us Healthcare workers, I know we are not the only ones working hard during this difficult time but it's gifts like this that can make the bad days brighter.”