Margaret Irvin

Margaret Irvin
Clinical Dietitian, outpatient dialysis unit
Durham, NC

In her typical caring fashion, Margaret encourages people to “check in on each other! Healthcare workers are stressed and we need our support systems now more than ever.” In her work as a clinical dietician in an outpatient dialysis unit in Durham, NC, she works directly with a very vulnerable population of patients with Diabetes who are on dialysis.  

Margeret is “working with patients to make sure they stay well-nourished during the pandemic and doing everything I can to keep them healthy. This includes making sure they have the food they need (dialysis patients have to follow a certain diet), getting creative with meal planning, and coming up with alternatives when stores are out of certain staple items. I've even gone grocery shopping for a few patients who weren't able to go to the store or couldn't find what they need. In general, the atmosphere has been stressful and scary,  but I'm really trying to keep things positive for my patients - they're like family.”

Recently, she hasn’t been able to run as much as she’d like because she is getting over an injury. But “in general, running has been a wonderful outlet during this and I'm so grateful for it. My spring marathon was cancelled but I'm hoping my fall 50k and CIM still happen!” Margaret is looking forward to going “for a run with friends followed by catching up over some fancy coffee.”