born in California



Crafted in California


Running local is at the heart of rabbit. We are damn proud to say that all of our products are manufactured in Los Angeles, CA. And that means everything is done ethically and in a socially responsible way.  At rabbit, we wouldn't have it any other way. 


We believe in domestic manufacturing and keeping jobs in the good ‘ol USA. As rabbit grows, we expect to create new domestic opportunities, build American jobs, and support US manufacturing.


As part of our “run local” mentality, since we are the owners of the only running shop in Santa Barbara, CA, we are also setting out to breathe new life into the running apparel category at running specialty stores. 


These businesses, started by local people dedicated to the runners that they serve, are the anchors of the running community in each town. We want to help these local running shops, their employees, their customers, and the future of running.


Support rabbit, support “run local”. Get ready America, we are running for you.