Lindsey Fascione

Lindsey Fascione
RN, Neuro Critical Care
Cleveland, OH
(Currently working in NYC)

Lindsey is an RN who is typically found in Neuro Critical Care at the Cleveland Clinic. She is currently working in New York City for three weeks pulling long shifts in the ICUs of New York Presbyterian Hospital, living in a hotel and trying to fit in some runs. “Running is all I have in NYC. I cannot train to race, but instead I run to stay healthy, mentally and physically. I hope fall marathons happen, but if they don’t, I am perfectly okay with just maintaining fitness and getting fresh air.”

She tells those of us outside of healthcare to “keep fighting the good fight. Do your part and know that the simple act of washing your hands could save a life.” She looks forward to being reunited with family and friends and says that we “underappreciate the value of human connection until it’s stripped from us.”

“I got tears in my eyes when I saw I won a tee! I was in the elevator riding up to my NYC hotel room. Something so small makes such a difference when you’re mentally and physically drained. My teammate Amanda Fire nominated me. I do not have a picture of me in my EZ Tee, as it was delivered to my home address during the crisis. However, I do have my rabbit gear that I packed with me- tank, shorts, and my sports bra have all made their debut in Central Park!”