Occupational Therapist
Acute Rehab in a hospital
San Diego, CA

Working as an occupational therapist in a San Diego hospital, Laura helps patients get stronger so that they can be discharged. Her work environment has changed because of the daily screenings and “all employees and patients must wear masks, which can sometimes make it challenging when treating a patient. We are also starting to see more patients recovering from Covid19 who need therapy to get stronger before they discharge home.” Her nominator said that Laura is extremely dedicated to her job and assists in getting patients off the ventilator, giving them therapy to increase their strength and endurance.

Laura wants people outside of healthcare to know that hospitals are available and ready to help if you need medical care. “Don’t avoid the hospital if you have a medical emergency and are scared of getting Covid19 while there, we are cleaning constantly and the hospital is a safe place to be.”

“I am running right now, but have decreased my mileage and I am only running around the area I live in. I am not currently training for anything but will start training for the Boston Marathon in June!” She looks forward to getting back to being able to run with her run club and eat at some of her favorite restaurants.