katy jermann



Favorite quote: 

"What makes the desert so beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well." - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


Road 10k: 32:43

10 Mile: 53:44

Half Marathon: 1:09:35

Marathon: 2:31:55

Fun facts: 

I am a part-time reading teacher learning alongside K-8 students. My husband, Tyler, is also an elite runner (We get out the door together for a run each morning) In the fall and spring, I help coach highschoolers in cross-country and track (but really they coach me).  When I'm not running, I enjoy coffee dates with my dad or not-so-hot hot chocolate dates with my nieces. 

Nickname:  Mr. Mann ("Mrs. Jermann" pronounced by 9/10 Kindergarteners)

Birthday:  4/20/1992

Favorite movie: Inside out

Proudest accomplishment: 

I cherish all running moments! I think each run is an opportunity to be grateful and live in the moment.

Goals for 2020:

Continue a steady progression from race to race, day to day, climbing to the top of American distance running. 

Favorite rabbit gear and why: rabbit PR crew - it goes great with coffee, cats, and cold morning cooldowns.

Social media:

IG: @katyjermann

FB: Katy Jerman

Strava: Katy Jermann

Twitter: @MoenEmDown


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