Jaclyn van Nes, MD

Jaclyn van Nes, MD
Physician, OB/GYN
Knoxville, TN


Jaclyn van Nes, MD, is used to working as an OB/GYN while continuing to run and being mom to three kids but during this time, many things have changed. In her own words:

 “COVID-19 has definitely impacted my work environment. Like everyone, my field has experienced updates to guidelines and changes to patient care. One of the most significant impacts has been for my pregnant patients. They are now asked to wear a mask while at appointments and in the hospital which can be a real challenge in labor. Also with new visitor restrictions, patients can only have one visitor which has really changed the idea of the birth experience as a family event.

Thank goodness for running! I have been able to run although my routines are a little different. I'm not training for anything specific right now although my coach keeps giving me hard workouts like I am-ha! 

One thing that has changed in my running life is that my son has been able to ride his bike alongside me on my easy run days. He is on the autism spectrum and with the extra time COVID allowed him out of school, he was able to finally learn to ride a bike!  I have loved spending this time with him and definitely feel it's been a "silver lining.”

I am really looking forward to racing again! I love the running community and can't wait for that to get back to normal. Waving to someone from a distance on the trail just isn't the same as the camaraderie we have at running events. Thank you so much for my EZ tee! I can't wait to wear it out on a run!”