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Third year resident in Emergency Medicine 
West Islip, NY

Callee is a third year medical resident in Emergency Medicine at a large community hospital on Long Island. Although she is still working in the Emergency Department at her hospital, the influx of Covid19 patients means that ICU beds are limited “so the ED has basically evolved to turn into a critical care unit, along with seeing our usual flow of patients. We are seeing more critically ill individuals and are managing more ICU level patients than ever before. Our shifts are filled with helping the sick and communicating over the phone with family members. It is very difficult not only for the patient, their family members, but for myself to discuss information, on these people’s worst day of their lives, over the phone.”

“I am still able to run. I work ~4-5, 12 hour shifts a week. I usually try and squeeze in a short run when I have work, because I know it will be a long and stressful day. On my days off, running has become my source of de-stressing, so I look forward to those long ones. I got into the NYC marathon (50th anniversary) this year, so I have been training for that. I also would like to complete a 70.3 this summer, all depending on social distancing restrictions. The many virtual runs have helped to keep me motivated.”

Her nominator noted that Callee has run several marathons and over 20 half marathons and that Callee “is a great role model with an excellent attitude and I could not be more proud to be her friend (even though she makes me exercise more than I want to.)”  

When things settle down, Callee is looking forward to “seeing my family and going on ‘runcations’ again!”