Bree Witteveen

Bree Witteveen
Family Nurse Practitioner, outpatient primary care
Vancouver, WA

“I am so grateful and humbled by the support those of us working on the front lines have received. The kindness is heard and felt more than anyone realizes. THANK YOU!” says Bree Witteveen.  

Bree is a Family Nurse Practitioner who “stepped away from my usual job in primary care and worked for about 4 weeks in our temporary acute respiratory and COVID-19 assessment center. In the center we were assessing and testing people with COVID symptoms, offering testing and management as needed.”  According to her nomination, Bree was one of the healthcare providers in her seven location clinic who spearheaded their assessment center and worked incredibly long hours and back to back days to ensure that they had enough providers available to their patients.

Though she definitely missed some training days, she has been able to keep running. “It is sometimes hard to find the time or energy, but I always know that if I lace up and get out there, I will feel better. Physically and mentally. The two biggest things that have changed about my running are the social aspect and diversity in training. Because of social distancing, I am not able to meet up with my girlfriends for our usual weekend runs. And my routes are far less diverse because I need to just stick with what is outside my door and not drive to another part of town or to a park. But I'm grateful that running hasn't been taken away from me entirely.”