Beth Greenwood, MD

Beth Greenwood, MD
Physician and Medical Director
Outpatient Primary Care
Haddon Heights, NJ

When Covid19 hit New Jersey, Dr. Greenwood “transitioned our offices to almost exclusively telemedicine visits. In doing so my providers and I have been able to continue providing necessary medical care to the patients of our community in a safe environment. I created a drive-thru testing center in the parking lot of one of my offices so that we can quickly test and identify COVID positive patients in order to prevent further spread of the virus...And as this evolves, I am committed to continue providing the most up to date care and services available.”

She goes on to say that this “has been a truly eye opening experience. I have been able to continue seeing my patients via remote appointments without any interruption in their medical care. I cannot describe the overwhelmingly emotional feeling I get when I see one of my patients log on to Zoom, promptly recognize my face, and then see the sudden smile and relaxed expression that appears in their eyes as they come to understand that even in this time of unprecedented uncertainty, the stability of their doctor and medical care remains unchanged and dependable.  It warms my heart and has made me realize just how much of an impact I am able to have on people’s lives and I wouldn’t trade that for the world. 

As it is for many, continuing to run is one way she takes care of herself. “I am running every day! Running has provided me with an outlet to think, process emotions and information, burn energy and remain healthy and strong. It is probably the one area of my life that has not dramatically changed right now. As with everyone else, my spring marathon was cancelled and I am currently signed up for two marathons in the fall. Crossing my fingers that they will happen, but either way I will continue to train with the goal of having fun and getting fitter and faster!”

She looks forward to ‘hugging my friends and patients” when she is able to do so safely.