ashley nordell

Favorite quote: Since I am from Oregon, I have to go with a Pre quote: "To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift." - Prefontaine
I also love, "That's the thing about running: your greatest runs are rarely measured by racing success. They are moments in time when running allows you to see how great your life is." - Kara Goucher

- 50k Trail- 4:10- (Hagg Lake)
- 50 mile trail (Leona Divide)- 7:36
- 100 mile trail (Western States)- 19:26

Fun facts:
- Both my parents have (and still do) raced ultras. My dad out-kicked me and beat me in my first 50k.
- I was the youngest finisher in my first 100 miler (Western States) back in 2004. I had to run the last 30 miles with bags of ice duct taped to my knees and my pacer would tear them off at each aid station and re-tape on new bags. When he saw my parents at mile 93 he ran up to them and said he didn't think anything was permanently wrong.

Birthday: December 27, 1979

Favorite movie:  Favorite running movie would have to be "Without Limits." Growing up, I loved the original "Parent Trap" with Hailey Mills.

Proudest accomplishment: I would say finishing my first 100 because it was such a crazy suffer fest, so just persevering and finishing was special. Also, this year's Bighorn 100 was pretty epic - to go from feeling so awful the first 40 miles to having probably one of my best races is a good testimony to never give up - lots can happen in 100 miles.

Goals for 2018: My two main goal races for the year are Lake Sonoma 50 in April and Superior 100 (lottery dependent) in September. I'm also looking for another long adventure run attempt, though that's still in the planning stages!

Favorite rabbit gear and why: the mountain climbers because of the pockets for long races, and the breezy back jacket because it's so lightweight and packable. 

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