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apply for 2019/2020 rabbitELITE or rabbitELITEtrail team

rabbits are all about pushing the pace, digging deep to find the limits and achieve the incredible. Our rabbitELITE team is made up of some of the fastest, most dedicated runners you'll find anywhere. Competing at an elite level all while balancing day to day of real life responsibilities: family, kids, and a career. rabbitELITE and rabbitELITEtrail athletes will receive approximately $500 worth of rabbit gear, as well as personal discount code of 20% to use throughout the year.

NEW for the 2019/2020 season:

*rabbitOT Program: Earn your OTQ in any event and we'll reward you with $700 worth of rabbit gear including our custom 2020 rabbitOT gear. Share the same jersey as USA Marathon Champion and rabbitPRO Brogan Austin, his teammates Tyler McCandless, Anthony Costales, Allison Cleaver, Lauren Totten and more, if you have an OTQ already or achieve one before the window closes next year.

*rabbitGT Program: Earn a Golden Ticket or finish in the top five of a Western States 100 Golden Ticket race (Bandera 100k, Black Canyon 100k, Georgia Death Race, Lake Sonoma 50, or Canyons 100k) and you'll automatically be rewarded with a $700 rabbit gift card.

Additional team perks:
-Custom 2019/20 rabbitELITE or rabbitELITEtrail racing singlet made with our NEW rabbitSPEED fabric (ladies: bunny hop or crop, gentleman: champ)
-2019/20 team issue rabbitELITE or rabbitELITEtrail BoCo trucker hat
*NEW for 2019/20 a team issue rabbitELITE or rabbitELITEtrail BoCo backpack
-2019/20 team issue rabbitELITE or rabbitELITEtrail podium ez tee
-2019/20 team issue rabbitELITE or rabbitELITEtrail shorts
-In the Fall, 2019/20 team issue rabbitELITE or rabbitELITEtrail long sleeve ez tee, warm-up pants, & jacket
-One time 50% off order code at the beginning of the season
-Personal 20% discount code to use throughout the 2019/20 season
-Monthly rabbitELITE or rabbitELITEtrail Newsletter
-Private Facebook/Strava groups to interact and connect with your ELITE and ELITEtrail teammates around the world

rabbitELITE time standards:

road men - Marathon: sub-2:22, Half: sub-1:08, 10k: sub-30:30, 5k: sub-14:30
road women - Marathon: sub-2:48, Half: sub-1:18, 10k: sub-35:30, 5k: sub-16:30

track men - 1500: sub-3:50, 800: sub-1:55
track women - 1500: sub-4:15, 800: sub-2:05

ultra/trail men - 50k: sub-4, 50m: sub-7, 100k/100m course specific
ultra/trail women - 50k: sub-4:30, 50m: sub-7:30, 100k/100m course specific

*Achieving these standards only makes an athlete eligible to apply for the rabbitELITE team -- all new athletes are considered on a case by case basis. Master's times are not subject to the same standards.

rabbitELITE and rabbitELITEtrail athletes will be a diverse team composed of runners from all over the country that support one another through racing and community events. We will provide you with custom team issue gear, materials to help you spread the word about our brand, other perks as listed above, as well as a community platform to engage with fellow runners and our greater rabbit family around the world.

To better understand what we expect of all our rabbitELITE and rabbitELITEtrail athletes, please review the responsibilities listed below. .

-Promise to always train and compete clean
-Wear rabbit gear while training and/or racing throughout the entire 2019/20 season (May 2019-April 2020)
-Always represent rabbit through sportsmanship, camaraderie and general friendliness to all runners at races, while training, and at other events
-Publicly acknowledge that you are an rabbitELITE or rabbitELITEtrail (i.e. posting our logo to your blog/stating your affiliation in your social media profiles)
-Insert your planned 2019/20 race schedule into the shared rabbitELITE or rabbitELITEtrail team calendar
-Compete in at least 6 races annually
-Post a minimum of 2x per month about your running journey on Instagram/Twitter (Use hashtags: #rabbitELITE or rabbitELITEtrail, #runinrabbit, #borntorunfree)
-Track and share your training on Strava and join the rabbitELITE or rabbitELITEtrail groups, as well as the main rabbit group
-Contribute regular content by sharing race reports, photos of you in rabbit gear, gear reviews, community event ideas, etc.
-Join the rabbitELITE Facebook group to interact and encourage your teammates on a weekly basis
-Not affiliate, post, or tag other running apparel brands (shoes, hats, socks, nutrition, and other running gear are acceptable)

Meet our 2018/19 rabbitELITE athletes and rabbitELITEtrail athletes. 

Do all of these perks and team requirements sound good? Great, we'd love for you to apply and can't wait to review your application! Please complete the rabbitELITE/rabbitELITEtrail application by Friday, April 26th. We will notify applicants of their selection on Monday, May 13th and team issue gear will ship approximately mid-June.

Fill out the rabbitELITE and rabbitELITEtrail application here.
(U.S. applicants only)