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RADrabbit… Runners And Dreamers

At rabbit, we believe that running is about the community and comradery we build on the roads, tracks and trails across the globe. Individually, we all strive to compete not only with ourselves by pushing for PRs, but also with those around us. What separates us from our competitors is our dedication and vision for the future of the sport of running, as well as the support we provide unconditionally to every runner we interact with. We believe in Running And Dreaming, towards new PRs, bigger goals, and a stronger and more connected running community.

As the collective brand face of rabbit, the RADrabbit team is our extended family of runners all over the world. No matter where you’re at in your running career, we’re here to support your goals while you support those around you. It’s teams of amazing individuals that create something special together. That is our ultimate goal with the RADrabbit program.

What does it mean to be a RADrabbit?

We’re looking for athletes who inspire others through support, performance, camaraderie and more. Our RADrabbits are Runners And Dreamers. We admire those who inspire fellow runners by more than just showing up at the starting line, but also online. We are big believers in connecting with community and sharing experiences via social media to inspire and share your unique story. From training expertise, to funny running “what not to dos”, to stretching routines, to product insights and more, we want to hear what you have to say. We want to learn more about you, and we also want to hear from you about how we can improve as a brand!

Being a RADrabbit also means embracing your running community, no matter your skill level or expertise. Each of us is on our own running path and as a RADrabbit, it’s your job to not only push yourself, but to inspire others to reach their running goals. We encourage our RADrabbits to get involved with their local communities by volunteering at events, mentoring young athletes or even creating a weekly running group (if you haven’t already)!

Admittedly, we’re dedicated to making the best performance running gear in the world. Being a RADrabbit means you’ll be an important part of that ever-evolving process; expect to be asked to participate in giving honest and specific product feedback so we can keep perfecting everything we make.

Last year was the inauguration of our RADrabbit program.  We did a lot of things right, we did some things wrong, and we learned a lot in the process. So, you ask, what will be different for next year?? Our 2017/18 RADrabbit program promises to be better, more exciting, and more engaging than our 2016 program. You spoke; we listened. So, this year, we’ve got new perks, new opportunities, and new surprises.

As a 2017/18 RADrabbit, your $100 enrollment fee will entitle you to:

  • unique 2017/18 RADrabbit team singlet OR tee*
  • RADrabbit team performance tweener trucker hat
  • 50% off one pair of rabbit shorts
  • regular RADrabbit newsletters*
  • exclusive monthly discounts on rabbit apparel*
  • optional online coaching from a rabbitPRO (two tier options, for an additional cost)*
  • RADrabbit referral system*
  • occasional organized RADrabbit team meet-ups (TBA)*
  • private Strava/Facebook groups*

* new for 2017/18

In exchange, we ask that each of our RADrabbits: 

  • Take the Clean Sport pledge to always train and compete clean
  • Hit the road, trail and track races proudly sporting your RADrabbit singlet (or other awesome rabbit gear)
  • Always represent rabbit well through sportsmanship, camaraderie and general friendliness to all runners
  • Be an active influencer on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Strava and Twitter)
  • Frequently share and engage with us and your great running community to help spread the word and vision of rabbit

As we prepare to launch the new season, we have to be honest. We can’t accept every application, but we promise to read each and every one that comes through our door.

Were you born to run free? If so, come join us in spreading the passion for building a stronger running community, while helping us promote and make the best running clothes in the world, right here in America. Apply to become a RADrabbit and come #runinrabbit today!  

If you think you have what it takes to be a RADrabbit for 2017, please follow the steps below and apply soon—the application deadline is Tuesday, April 18th. We’ll notify our selections on Friday, May 5th and uniforms will be shipped in mid-June.

Step 1: Complete the 2017 RADrabbit application here.

Step 2: Follow us on Instagram, Twitter and like us on Facebook (if you haven’t already!)

Step 3: Post a photo on Instagram and tell us why you want to be a RADrabbit. Make sure to tag us and also use the hashtags #RADrabbit and #runinrabbit.

Fill out the RADrabbit application here.

(sorry, only US domestic applicants this year)