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apply for 2017/2018 rabbitELITE team

rabbit is a running apparel brand that was born to let you run free. At rabbit, we’re taking a firm stance against hype and delivering amazing clothes that let you just run. The way it’s supposed to be. Everything we sell is made in America and we are damn proud of it. We make the highest quality running apparel for performance, comfort, and style; yet our gear is incredibly simple.

At rabbit, we love running and we love runners of all ages, sizes, and talents. But, let’s be honest, some of us are rabbits and some of us are tortoises, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. That is what we love so much about running; everyone can do it. But, for those really fast rabbits out there, who are tearing up the race scene but are not quite ready to quit their day jobs, we’re creating a new team, and we want you.

In addition to our RADrabbit program (our brand ambassadors) and rabbitPRO team (our professional runners), we’re proud to launch our first ever rabbitELITE program for 2017/18! We are looking for those rabbits who are always the front of the pack at their local and regional races; whether you are a road racer, trail blazer, track star, ultra-guru or anything in-between. We’ve established the following time standards to be considered, but we also know that this doesn’t work for every type of runner (ahem, ultra-gurus and 800-meter track stars). So, if you specialize in a discipline of running that doesn’t involve any of the road standards, please complete the rabbitELITE application and include your relevant results.

So you are super-fast and have met the qualifying standards (if applicable) and now you are interested in being a rabbitELITE in 2017/18? Well then, you probably want to know what’s in it for you, right? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. As a rabbitELITE, you will get the following benefits for the season:

  • 2017 rabbitELITE race kit (singlet, tee or crop top and race bottom)
  • rabbit performance tweener trucker hat
  • rabbit podium kit: long-sleeve zip top & pants (mid-September)
  • rabbit podium tee
  • 25% discount year-around on everything offered from
  • coaching options from a rabbitPRO (at an additional cost)
  • rabbit referral program, private Strava/Facebook groups
  • In return, ask that rabbitELITE team members:

 In return, ask that rabbitELITE team members: 

  • Take the Clean Sport pledge to always train and compete clean
  • Always represent rabbit through sportsmanship, comradery and general friendliness to all runners
  • Compete in at least 6 races annually
  • Submit your 2017 race schedule to us
  • Be an active influencer on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Strava and Twitter)
  • Frequently share and engage with us and your great running community to help spread the word and vision of rabbit 

rabbitELITE team time guidelines (Marathon/Half/10k/5k):

Men - Sub 2:26:00/1:09:00/31:00/15:00

Women - Sub 2:50:00/1:20:00/36:00/17:30

*Trail and masters' times are not subject to the same standards - if you would like to submit a running resume, please fill out the application and send your resume to

Do you think you have what it takes to be on our 2017/18 rabbitELITE team? Please complete the rabbitELITE application by Tuesday, April 18th! If you’re selected and choose to become a part of our team, there will be a one-time $100 membership fee, which includes all of the perks mentioned above. We will notify applications of their selection on Friday, May 5th and uniforms will ship approximately mid-June.

Fill out the rabbitELITE application here.

(sorry, only US domestic applicants this year)