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Black Canyon 100k, February 2022

Shred 'em, smash 'em, stash 'em.

Singletrack trail, fire roads, and pieces of an old stagecoach route—that’s a taste of what rabbitELITEtrail runners Elan Lieber and Rachel Spaulding tackled last month during the Black Canyon 100K in AZ. NBD, but they crushed it.

Our most technical trail tanks, tees, and shorts came in clutch. Designed with our ultra-lightweight and quick-drying fabrics, our high-performance trail collection is where performance meets endurance.

Laser-cut bonded seams reduce weight and irritation. Ventilated woven fabric lets the mountain air flow. And comfy built-in storage lets you carry everything you need between aid stations. 

You’ll be grinding away on the trails, but at least your clothes will be easy breezy. Elan and Rachel are here for it.

rabbitELITEtrail, Rachel Spaulding

flash- The tank is lightweight and comfortable for an all day type of effort. It was perfect for the cool weather start and continued to provide comfort as the heat progressed throughout the day. It went through sweat, water, dirt, and a few tears; the top held up for it all. I didn't experience any discomfort when I raced in it so nothing got in the way of my run. The thick straps and back coverage were nice so I could wear my pack and not have any chaffing. This product is made for high performance and I am excited to continue to use it this season. Added bonus it looks good too, you can't be the color schemes rabbit uses!

smashems 2.5” - These shorts will now be my go to trail shorts; I felt spoiled racing in shorts that also acted as a pack so I don't think I can go back! The extra storage space for fuel was essential with the extreme weather. They are perfect for race day because you can hold all the essentials right in the shorts. Although I did use a pack you can get away without one when you wear these shorts. The wrap around pockets were great for storing my gels and making them accessible quickly. Since the day was hot it was even possible to store an additional soft flask bottle in the shorts. My fiance even shoved some ice in the pockets as I left a few aid stations and that was a great way to keep cool. Even when full of fuel there was no bounce in the shorts. The material of the shorts are great for a long effort because I didn't experience any chaffing even though I was sweating. Comfort level is a 10/10 and would recommend these shorts for any type of effort, long or short. These shorts help you do it all!

rabbitELITEtrail, Elan Lieber

Vert Shirt HP - shirt

Fit: The new Vert Shirt fit me like an absolute glove. I’ve been a fan of this rabbit shirt since its launch and love the new version. It’s a perfect length and gives great protection from the sun when you’re spending all day in the mountains. 

Function: While I generally opt for a singlet on race day,, the updated Vert is so light I ran the first 50K of the Black Canyons 100K in it. It was a perfect choice that kept me comfortable in the early morning chill, while still staying light and cool as the day heated up. I’ve yet to find many shirts that are as versatile as this one! I’m also a big fan of the reduced seams and updated rabbitKNIT side panel vents. This was great for keeping me both cool and chafe-free as the day heated up and I started soaking this shirt at every aid station.

Overall: The Vert Shirt HP has become a regular part of my weekly rotation, and love the look and feel of it for everything from easy hours on the trails to 10+ hours in the desert.

Ascender HP

Fit: The Ascender HP was a great second shirt at Black Canyons. As the temperatures soared I switched to this shirt and despite keeping it soaked in ice all day it held its fit and kept me going through the second half of my race.

Function: You know a great singlet when you don’t have to continue tugging the front down as sweat collects down the back. The Ascender is perfectly balanced between light and seam proportion so it stayed both loose and snug and kept me feeling light and fast. 

Overall: An absolute go-to singlet when I want to look fast and feel good!

Shredders 2-in-1 5”

Fit: I love the updated fit for the 2-in-1 shredders (5”). The new waistband and updated compression liner are game changers! I took these out on a handful of long runs in training for Black Canyons and despite 3+ hours on the trail, the built-in pockets were all I needed for both fuel and hydration.

Function: For me there really is not a better trail short on the market. The multi-function I get out of just this one pair of shorts is off the charts. I love the 6 pockets. I've stashed 1,000+ calories, a phone, keys and soft flask in these with zero bounce. It’s so nice to be able to spend a day on the trails without a pack!

Overall: I love the 2-in-1 5” for their lightness, durability and ability to carry calories. I don’t have many mountain runs that are not in these shorts, and love the long compression shorts for the big, technical and more gnarly terrain.

Shredders 5"

Fit: These shredders fit perfectly, they’re unbelievably lightweight while also super durable. They hold their form despite the terrain and can handle whatever trails and training get thrown at them.

Function: For me there really is not a better trail short on the market. The multi-function I get out of just this one pair of shorts is off the charts. I love the 6 pockets. I've stashed 1,000+ calories, a phone, keys and soft flask in these with zero bounce. 

I raced Black Canyons 100K in these updated Shredders and being able to not worry about throwing on a tight waist belt that would bounce, or a big vest that would chafe was a huge part of helping me achieve a PR on that day.

Overall: Hands down best shorts ever. I love the color update, and can’t believe how lightweight and comfortable the updated Shredders are. I trained in these for the month leading up to Black Canyons, and was able to set a personal record by less than 3 minutes at the 100K distance. When it comes down to 3 minutes over 100K it’s the little thing’s that go so far, and having one pair of shorts that I was able to stash all my nutrition and soft flasks with no bounce and no chafing was a PR game changer! 



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