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Trials Time With Anthony Costales

From the World Long Running Distance Championship to fast marathons, rabbitPRO Anthony Costales does it all. Anthony is one of our most versatile athletes, crushing the trails and the roads! With a 2:13 PR from CIM in 2018, we are so excited to see what Anthony can do this weekend!

1.) What are you using to fuel up?

For gels I stick to Honey Stinger. I usually take 2 during the race around miles 8 and 17. I always keep a back up gel in my FKT shorts along with some Run Gum if I need an extra boost. For hydration I love to use Skratch Labs, it is not to sweet and easy on the stomach. 

2.) Favorite part of marathon training? 

I love how fast the body can recover when at peak fitness. Some of the biggest workouts of the training block become the easiest to finish. 

3.) Least favorite part of marathon training? 

The taper leading into the race is awful. It feels as if all the work you have done is getting thrown away. Tapering the last couple weeks never feels right but can be the most important part of the training. 

4.) What is your goal going into the race? 

Stay healthy and enjoy running with the best runners in the nation. 

5.) What number marathon is this for you?

 This will be my 8th marathon! 

6.) What has been the hardest part of your build up? 

Over the past year I have had 2 sports hernias. Health has been an issue which is always frustrating. Unfortunately the last injury I had goes back to 2016 at the trials. I am thankful even with a short training block I will be able to run 26 miles in good health. 

7.) Advice for someone giving marathoning a first try? 

Enjoy the process of training. The race is not the hardest part, the real challenge is accumulating all the fitness for your best race. 



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